Honeywell Small Satellite Solutions

Honeywell’s Space Greenhouse is a technology incubator focusing on the creation of innovative, efficient solutions for small satellite and new space industries. With a full-time team, Honeywell is working to bring it's expertise and cutting edge technology to new satellite missions. 

We're working with some of the most innovative companies in new space. And we're constantly investing in new capabilities and technology proven systems to meet small satellite and mega constellation delivery and cost requirements. 

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Honeywell's new space portfolio spans optical communications, space situational awareness and more. 

Product Description       Key Characteristics  
HR04 Reaction Wheel Assembly (RWA) Designed to offer extreme flexibility in packaging options as well as provides precision performance supported by advanced drive technology, in a greatly reduced package
  • Proven spin bearing design
  • Insensitive to low or transitional operational speeds
  • Optimized momentum density packaging through high speed operation
  • Flexible vehicle digital interface
HG4934SRS 3-Axis Space Rate Sensor Small, low cost space rate sensor based on proven tactical grade IMUs delivered for Military applications
  • Volume less than 5 in³
  • Weighs less than 145 grams
  • Requires less than 3 watts of power.
  • In-run bias stability is better than 1 deg/hr.
3-Axis Magnetometer Magnetic sensing solutions designed for accuracy, sensitivity and reliable measurements of external magnetic fields for compassing and magnetometry
  • Measure direction and magnitude of Earth’s magnetic fields, from 27 micro-gauss to 8 gauss (0.8 milli-Tesla)
  • Able to sense earth’s magnetic field (~0.6 gauss)
  • Offers 1-, 2- and 3- axis magnetic sensors for low field linear applications and small size.
Downlink Subsystems Innovative design approach that uses flexible Software-defined radio (SDR) functionality and has been optimized for small to medium size missions that demand high data rates and established PA standards.
  • Optimized for small to medium satellites
  • Suitable for high data rate applications (400Mbps to 600Mbps typical)
  • Low mass and low volume
  • High efficiency / low power consumption
  • User selectable configuration