Sky Connect Tracker Systems

Total mission connectivity with Honeywell and MASCO

Case Study

See how the world's largest air medical series provider, Air Methods, uses sky connected to deliver lifesaving care to thousands of patients.


Sky Connect Antenna Options

In addition to the single and dual configurations, our antennas can be provided in a variety of formats and colors to meet individual requirements.

Fire Fighting

The Sky Connect Tracker Satellite Communications System enables total situational awareness over the Iridium satellite network. The single best way to maximize safety and efficiency for demanding missions is with a complete system that helps actively manage an operational fleet.

Air Medical

The Sky Connect Tracker Satellite Communications System provides dependable and accurate tracking that reduces response times and enhances safety for both patient and crew.

Oil and Gas

The Sky Connect Tracker Satellite Communications System brings unrivaled accuracy to Oil & Gas missions. Equipped with the Iridium satellite network, you’re able to talk and text in remote locations where ground based internet connections is not possible.


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