GG1320 Digital Ring Laser Gyro

An affordable high performance inertial sensor with the electronics and ring laser gyro packaged into an easy to use compact unit.

Honeywell’s GG1320 digital ring laser gyros (RLG) is the industry standard for precision rotation measurement.

RLG's are critical rotation sensing elements in navigation systems for manned and unmanned aircraft, platform stabilization systems, pointing and targeting, marine navigation and attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS). The  principle of operation of an RLG is that counter-propagating laser beams have different frequencies with the difference dependent on rotation rate. Measurement of this difference provides the rotation angle or  rotation rate about the RLG's sensitive axis. One can thus determine the orientation of a system in inertial space at all times.

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Honeywell is the recognized industry leader in accelerometers for aerospace inertial navigation, guidance and control.


Inertial Sensors

Honeywell offers both inertial (laser gyro-based) and non-inertial (high-precision electronic and electromechanical) sensors.