Flight Management Systems

Honeywell sets the standard of excellence for Flight Management System (FMS) development. Since the introduction and certification of the TERN-100 in the mid 1970’s and the first standard FMS on a commercial airliner (Boeing 757/767 in 1982). Followed soon after by the certification of fully Vertical Navigation (VNAV) capabilities, Honeywell has been the undisputed leader in FMS for leading airline transport, regional and business fixed wing aircraft and helicopters worldwide.

From the early origins of Sperry’s guidance systems to today’s state of the art technology, Honeywell has consistently delivered solutions that exceed expectations from the most demanding platform applications. The FMS solutions are relied upon by aircrews each and every day for safe and efficient flight operations across the globe.  

Honeywell maintains over 100 active patents related to FMS technologies, with an installed base that spans narrow and wide body air transport aircraft, regional, business and general aviation platforms from the world’s leading fixed wing and helicopter manufacturers. The long history of breakthrough innovations continued most recently with the first certifications and entry into service of the Honeywell Next Generation (NG) FMS. NG FMS is the industry’s first FMS that utilizes the Software Product Line (SPL) methodology to attain new levels of software reuse through a common core approach, facilitating the delivery of a consistent and high quality feature set across numerous market segments. 

As the airspace evolves and modernizes, the breadth and depth of expertise and capabilities in FMS development and integration that Honeywell brings to each aircraft project is unparalleled in the industry. Honeywell provides FMS solutions for the most demanding aircraft applications, spanning the air transport, regional, business and defense segments.

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