Honeywell Precision Landing Technology Recognized as Part of Augmented Approaches To Land Project

Honeywell Precision Landing Technology Recognized as Part of Augmented Approaches To Land Project

  • Single European Sky Awards recognize innovative program to improve safety, efficiency and accuracy of aircraft landings

The Augmented Approaches to Land (AAL) project, featuring Honeywell’s SmartPath Ground-Based Augmentation System, was honored with an innovation and technology award at the Single European Sky Awards on March 7, 2017 following the completion of flight demonstrations validating new technologies for landing.

The AAL project, led by NetJets, included15 aerospace technology companies that are part of the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research framework. Tasked with demonstrating the validity of new advanced procedures for approach and landing for both mainline and business aviation, Honeywell’s Precision Guidance group managed three of the four work packages within the AAL project. The goal of the project was to bridge the gap between research and deployment of advanced approach and landing technologies across Europe. The collaboration between major aviation stakeholders demonstrated how new technologies, such as Honeywell’s SmartPath Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS) and SmartView Synthetic Vision, support pilots for improved safety, efficiency and accuracy of aircraft landings.

Together, the AAL consortium members tested more than 200 Required Navigation Performance approaches using SmartPath GBAS, and showcased the advantages of curved and increased glide slope approach procedures. Through a series of test flights in 2015 and 2016, the demonstrations were flown on aircrafts operated by Lufthansa and Swiss air lines, at Frankfurt, Bremen and Zurich airports. The award recognizes the cooperation from all parties and how technology innovations can reduce fuel and carbon dioxide emissions, while limiting noise pollution in highly populated areas.

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