Honeywell Shares Efficient Airport Solutions at the China Airport Development Conference

Honeywell Shares Efficient Airport Solutions at the China Airport Development Conference

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) will showcase its integrated solutions for better airport efficiency at the inaugural China Airport Development Conference and Exhibition, held in Changsha, China. During the conference, Honeywell will present its leading products and technologies for air traffic management and airport operations, and discuss the wider impact they will have on the future of China’s aviation industry.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China’s (CAAC) 2015 Civil Airport Performance Statistics Bulletin reported that Chinese airports handled over 914 million passengers in 2015, 10 percent more than the previous year. As China’s air traffic continues to grow, the need for modernized air traffic management solutions to help control flight delays is becoming increasingly important. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), China has recorded a 10 percentage point deterioration in on-time flight arrivals since 2010, with only 67 percent of flights arriving on time in 2015.

Unlike traditional instrument landing systems, Honeywell’s SmartPath Ground-Based Augmentation System offers a cost-effective, precise navigation solution that can increase airport capacity, reduce air traffic noise and cut weather-related delays.Through its collaboration with the CAAC, Honeywell is working to gain SmartPath certification in the country, which will make the technology the first of its kind certified for civil use in China. Last year, Honeywell conducted a flight demonstration using SmartPath at Pudong International Airport, and China Civil Aviation Technology & Equipment Corp. Ltd. was appointed as the region’s first representative for SmartPath sales, installation support and maintenance in China. The two events are important milestones in the rollout of SmartPath at airports in mainland China.

In addition to SmartPath, Honeywell offers a total airside solution that includes airfield ground lighting, advanced surface movement guidance and control system, foreign object debris detection, visual docking guidance system, radar video surveillance and perimeter intrusion detection systems.

From airside to terminals, airport operators and travelers around the world are also benefiting from a wide range of Honeywell solutions that improve the safety, efficiency, productivity and security of airport buildings.

As a global leader of smart building solutions, Honeywell develops and delivers fully integrated and innovative system solutions for the effective management of airport operations. Honeywell’s integrated platform manages heating, ventilation, air conditioning, energy management systems, security systems, digital video, public address and voice alarm, fire detection, and scanning applications from a single workstation. This allows all data to be reported quickly and thus enhance control capabilities, reduce risks and improve real-time emergency responses. The comprehensive range of integrated building solutions encompasses design, installation, commissioning and service over the life cycle of the building. Protecting airport assets is vital, and Honeywell also equips airport workers in the field with advanced head-to-toe personal protection solutions. As of today, Honeywell has served more than 50 airports across China.

The China Airport Development Conference and Exhibition 2016 (CACE 2016) is organized by the China Civil Airports Association, the Municipal Government of Changsha and IATA, and aims to promote the discussion of airport management, technology and solutions. Honeywell’s technologies can be found at CACE 2016 from May 25‒27, at booth B23 in the Changsha Empark Grand Hotel.



Amy Xu

Media Relations Manager

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