U.S. Army Awards Honeywell $20 Million to Increase Performance, Cut Costs with Improved AGT1500 Engine

U.S. Army Awards Honeywell $20 Million to Increase Performance, Cut Costs with Improved AGT1500 Engine

October 12, 2015 | PHOENIX

The U.S. Army awarded Honeywell (NYSE: HON) a $20 million contract to provide spare parts for the Honeywell-made AGT1500 gas turbine engine for the M1 Abrams family of vehicles. The agreement will make it easier and speed the delivery of overhauls, maintenance and equipment while significantly cutting maintenance costs.

“The M1 Abrams and Honeywell’s AGT1500 have been mainstays of the U.S. military’s heavy artillery forces for more than 25 years,” said Carey Smith, president, Defense and Space, Honeywell Aerospace. “Over that time, global defense strategies and battlefield engagements have evolved, demanding more power, extended mission range and even greater dependability in the field. Through our integrated work with the U.S. Army, Honeywell continues to provide the improvements needed to ensure the M1 Abrams remains the backbone of the U.S. Army’s ground forces.”

The new agreement is part of the Army’s Total InteGrated Engine Revitalization (TIGER) durability and cost-savings program, and reflects the Army’s confidence in Honeywell’s expertise in the areas of engineering, demand and supplier management, product support, and condition-based maintenance.

Increasing Engine Longevity With TIGER
The U.S. Army’s TIGER program is designed to reduce operational and support costs for the AGT1500. The program enhances the longevity of the M1 Abrams battle tank through data collection for strategic-decision making and field support, and doubling the durability of fielded engines. By evaluating key factors such as operating history and engine performance trends, individual engine part designs can be improved using commercial best practices to ensure a near-new engine standard on the AGT1500 for fielded Abrams tanks.

About the Honeywell AGT1500 Engine
Honeywell’s AGT1500 engine provides superior acceleration and mobility to the M1 Abrams, making it the platform of choice for the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, National Guard, and many international allies. With more than 40 million miles of use over 25 years, the engine has proved its operational performance and reliability.

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