Honeywell Health and Usage Monitoring Systems Selected by the Republic of Singapore for its CH-47 Fleet

Honeywell Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) Selected by the Republic of Singapore for its CH-47 Fleet

August 14, 2014 | SINGAPORE

Honeywell HUMS will provide significant cost savings and real time maintenance information for the Republic of Singapore Air Force

Honeywell Aerospace (NYSE: HON) has been selected to supply Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) to the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s (RSAF) CH-47SD Chinook helicopters.

"Our HUMS technology will provide RSAF operators with information that’s needed to keep their fleet safe and efficient," said Mark Burgess, senior director, Defense and Space, Asia Pacific, Honeywell Aerospace. "The operational efficiencies of this technology will increase aircraft safety and availability, while reducing maintenance man-hours and parts cost for the military branch."

The installation of HUMS on the CH-47SD Chinook helicopters is expected to:

  • Reduce unscheduled maintenance
  • Increase operational readiness and aircraft availability
  • Reduce maintenance flight hours


Between 2007 and 2008, a similar installation of HUMS on 71 CH-47 Chinook helicopters enabled the U.S. Army to drastically reduce the total man-hours required for maintenance.

HUMS offers analytical tools to assess an aircraft’s condition by loading the data into the ground-based station, without a need for the original equipment manufacturer’s on-site technicians. Additionally, since this technology has a low install-time – it will minimize the impact on operational readiness and downtime during the fielding process.

This is the second time Honeywell has been selected by the RSAF to provide solutions for its operations. Currently, Honeywell’s HUMS is fielded on the RSAF’s AH-64D Apache fleet with the same logistics infrastructure as the Chinook. Training efficiencies are optimized due to RSAF engineers’ existing experience with the AH-64D system.

About Honeywell HUMS
HUMS is a sensor-based monitoring system that enables preventative maintenance by measuring the health and performance of mission-critical components. By continuously monitoring aircraft flight data and vibration at numerous points throughout the drivetrain and pinpointing mechanical faults before they become catastrophic failures, HUMS provides helicopter operators with actionable information that enables them to anticipate mechanical failures and make anticipatory maintenance decisions, before the issues arise.

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