Primus Elite Enhanced Features Now Certified for Lear 40 / 45

The Lear 40 / 45 community has been waiting for this news: The FAA has issued the Supplemental Type Certificate for Primus Elite Enhanced Features installation on your aircraft!

Do you remember the day when you purchased your Lear? It sported the state-of-the-art Honeywell Primus 1000 cockpit and a lot of other cool technology. Fast forward to the present. You still have a serviceable aircraft, but it’s no longer quite so state-of-the-art or prepared to handle the future state of aviation.

You have options:

  • 1. Fly as-is, but that’s not really an option.
  • 2. Buy a new aircraft with current cockpit technology, but loose a substantial amount of equity.
  • 3. Or save a substantial amount of money by upgrading it with the most current technology, and increasing equity – the best option. After all, you don’t replace your car when all it needs is a tune-up.

The answer is Number 3 – upgrade your cockpit! Honeywell can make your Lear 40 / 45 state-of-the-art again with Primus Elite Enhanced Features.

learjet cockpit

You’ll have access an array of options and tools that make your aircraft cool again:

  • Cursor Control Device for easier scrolling on displays
  • Airport charts for visual awareness on the runway and taxiways
  • Geo-referenced departures and arrival charts for graphical depiction of aircraft position
  • Integrated maps for 2-D depiction of flight plan, weather, traffic, geographical boundaries and more
  • Optional XM Weather for real-time weather updates along the route and at destination, alternate airports, etc.
  • Increased aircraft value!
learjet 45 ccd
peef 2d charts
peef airport map

Primus Elite Enhanced Features requires upgrading all four displays with DU-875 LCD displays. The Honeywell DU-875 display upgrade replaces old cathode ray tubes (CRT) with modern liquid crystal displays (LCD). Benefits include:

  • Removes CRT obsolescence issues – Honeywell will no longer repair CRTs
  • Updates cockpit to latest technology with very quick “plug and play” display replacement solution – can be done in less than a day – no downtime
  • Brings brighter, clearer, high resolution picture to the pilots; runs cooler, creates less heat in cockpit
  • Lowers cost of operation - increases reliability by 2X and lowers weight by seven pounds per display unit
  • Operators can replace display units one at a time upon failure or all displays at once

Learn how you can make your Lear 40 / 45 cool again!

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