BendixKing AeroVue Touch Wins 2018 Good Design Award

This year marks the 68th anniversary of one of the oldest and the most prestigious global awards programs for design excellence and design innovation: The Good Design Awards. BendixKing’s AeroVue Touch, a fast, simple and powerful flight display, was recently awarded the 2018 Good Design Award in the Transportation category, earning a place among designs from other big names in the technology and transportation industries. It was designed by Honeywell’s User Experience team for BendixKing in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

 For 2018, there were over 900 new products and graphic designs selected from over 47 countries. Per the Good Design Awards criteria, submissions to the program are judged by a jury of distinguished design professionals and leading industry specialists. Judges focus on distinguishing the highest aesthetic in terms of innovative design, new technologies, form, materials, construction, concept, function, utility, and energy efficiency. “This major accomplishment for BendixKing is a testament to the incredible work of our design teams, and the vision we have to bring intuitive, user-friendly and affordable products to the general aviation market,” said Stephane Fymat, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, BendixKing.

 The AeroVue Touch’s unique design offers many benefits to pilots in terms of visual and touch interaction. The 10.1-inch display provides near 4K resolution, the highest in the industry, displaying terrain information, airspace boundaries and weather data in fine detail to enable the pilot to navigate precisely even in conditions of very poor visibility. AeroVue Touch has also been recognized as unique due to the pilot’s ability to customize the screen to show a full-screen primary flight display with synthetic vision, or a split-screen mode that shows the primary flight display, multi-function display and vertical situation display simultaneously to the pilot.  This enables all flight-critical information to be displayed to the pilot on one compact screen, making AeroVue Touch viable for both conventional general aviation cockpits and tandem-seat cockpits such as in aerobatic and military training aircraft that have limited space on the instrument panel.

 In terms of touch interaction, it has been recognized for being the first touch flight display to include intuitive user interface designs and ample hand anchoring so that the pilot can always accurately press menu buttons on the display even when flying in turbulence. The touch display also requires only a maximum of four touches to access any function within the software, which reduces the time required for a pilot to learn how to use AeroVue Touch and ongoing pilot workload.

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