Honeywell Signs Contract with VSE Aviation Singapore for JetWave™ Acceleration Program

Honeywell signed a contract with it’s well known distributor, VSE Aviation Singapore, for the first ever JetWave™ acceleration program. Honeywell's JetWave™ is the exclusive hardware that enables business aviation aircraft to connect to Inmarsat's Ka-band Jet ConneX, the first consistent high-speed broadband service to span the world. Business jet operators and passengers can enjoy greatly improved productivity with in-flight Wi-Fi speeds up to 33 Mbps.

Many customers and channel partners in the Asia Pacific region have expressed keen interest in Honeywell’s JetWave™ hardware. To meet the market demand, Honeywell partnered with VSE Aviation Singapore to facilitate ease of in region installation through reduction on delivery time and ensuring parts availability. Honeywell’s channel partners and customers can be assured there will always be readily available hardware, ready to ship.

“In Asia Pacific, business travelers are demanding better in-flight Wi-Fi and are willing to pay for faster connectivity. Honeywell sees the Asia Pacific region as one of the key demand drivers for in-flight connectivity services in business aviation,” said Shashank Shekhar, Business and General Aviation Sales Director, Asia Pacific, Honeywell Aerospace. “From now on, business jet operators and owners in the region will be able to enjoy the best-in-class connectivity, knowing we now offer in-stock JetWave via VSE, available for immediate delivery.”

In addition to partnering with VSE, Honeywell has also expanded the in-region installation capability of JetWave, and invested in aftermarket customer support to become the go-to technology provider for all business aviation customers in Asia Pacific.

JetWave is now installed aboard more than 60 business jets across the Asia Pacific region. This includes major aircraft platforms such as the Gulfstream G550 and G650 and Bombardier Global 6000. To date, Honeywell has delivered over 1,700 JetWave systems across the commercial airline and business aviation sectors, with 700 installations completed for commercial airlines worldwide, and more than 700 installations on popular Bombardier, Dassault and Gulfstream business jets.

For more information regarding our JetWave™ products, click here.

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