Duncan Takes Engine MRO to New Heights

Skilled mechanics at Duncan Aviation have been working on Honeywell’s TFE731 aircraft engines at the company’s full-service maintenance, repair and overhaul center in Lincoln, Neb., for almost four decades. Now the Duncan Aviation team is taking its capabilities up a notch.

They’re opening a 20,000-pound-thrust-class turbine engine test cell, which will provide a new level of support to operators of the Honeywell TFE731 engine. Last year, Honeywell certified the Lincoln site as a TFE731 heavy maintenance facility, which authorized Duncan Aviation to inspect and repair the compressor zone during scheduled inspection events, make unscheduled compressor zone repairs, and provide expanded service bulletin capabilities.

The new test cell is one of the most capable in the engine MRO industry, able to provide customers with intermediate-level, depot-level, production-level and development-level engine testing capability. It is a fully scalable data system that can be customized to multiple engine platforms.

A formal dedication of the new cell is planned for Sept. 26.

Click to view a video on the test cell expansion.

Duncan Aviation is a Honeywell channel partner and the two companies have worked together for more than 30 years to provide superior support to operators of Honeywell’s highly successful TFE731 family of turbofan engines. Honeywell has produced more than 13,000 of the popular engines that have more than 100 million flight hours under their belt.