Satellite Communications Veteran Builds Customer Connections

Nothing makes Kevin Cox happier than solving a connectivity problem for a Honeywell Aerospace customer. As a GoDirectTM connectivity customer manager, Cox leads a team of eight field service engineers that support operators throughout the Western Hemisphere and helps them get connected – and stay connected – using Honeywell’s unique portfolio of services and apps.

“What I like about our team is that we’re all ‘airplane people,’ who truly understand connectivity on business jets,” Cox said. “We built the team by hiring people with strong satellite communications systems backgrounds and specialized experience on the major platforms we serve, like Gulfstream, Dassault Falcon Jet and Bombardier.”

Cox has more than 20 years of SATCOM experience. He changed his share of tires early in his 30-year aviation career, but really found his niche in the mid-1990s when he started working on avionics systems for business aircraft. He joined Honeywell as a field service engineer in 2006 after a stint as an avionics flight test specialist at Dassault.

“I’ve spent a lot of hours flying around making sure customers have the connectivity they want and need,” Cox said. “Everything is connected in today’s world and aircraft flight crews and passengers need fast, reliable connections to function wherever and whenever they fly.”

“In fact, connectivity is an aircraft-on-ground issue for most of our customers, so our team has to be ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice to make sure GoDirect users have the access they need to operate safely and stay engaged at 25,000 feet,” he added.

In-flight connectivity has come a long way, especially in the last 10 years. For example, Honeywell’s JetWaveTM hardware, which exclusively powers Inmarsat’s JetConneX service, provides operators with high-speed Wi-Fi service as good as they experience on the ground. GoDirect services, software and applications help customers make the most of their SATCOM investment by providing tools to improve Wi-Fi performance and reliability while managing costs. 

GoDirect connectivity team members regularly check in with customers to make sure they’re not experiencing connectivity problems. “They love to see Honeywell in their hangars,” Cox said. “So we make sure we build lasting relationships with our community.”

As one of Honeywell’s go-to guys on connectivity, Cox is available to help customers whenever the phone rings or the email chimes. “Providing superior service is a differentiator for Honeywell,” he said. “Our ability to respond and resolve issues quickly is one of the things that makes our GoDirect portfolio of services, apps and software solutions so valuable to customers. They need to know that we’re always there for them, whenever they need us.”KevinCox

Whether the calls come from maintenance chiefs, pilots or corporate IT specialists, the Honeywell GoDirect team is always ready to respond, Cox said. “If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it. And if a customer calls us, but their problem is not related to connectivity, we’ll find someone else in Honeywell who can help. Our goal is one-call resolution.”

Customers have even cited the team’s responsiveness as a factor in choosing Honeywell SATCOM hardware and GoDirect services for their fleets, Cox said. “Aftermarket support is an extremely important element in the decision making process. Customers have multiple options, so we have to make GoDirect services and our support infrastructure the best the industry has to offer.”


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