The First Honeywell Aerospace Trading (HAT) APAC Distribution Center Is Coming

Honeywell Aerospace Trading (HAT) is opening a new distribution center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on August 1st, 2018. This will be Honeywell’s first ever Asia Pacific distribution center offering used serviceable components. This new facility will enable us to serve our customers more efficiently.

In this new facility, we will stock a wide range of used, serviceable airframe components including APUs, avionics, mechanical components and other line replaceable units from B737, B777, A320 and other aircraft. HAT product offerings include reconditioned materials that were originally manufactured by Honeywell and other original equipment manufacturers.

The distribution center is right next door to the headquarters of Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific and will be supported by Honeywell’s extensive repair and overhaul network. Our team of product experts have quick and easy access to both our inventory and its corresponding records to quickly respond to your inquiries. The proximity to our headquarters office provides executive level decision-making in region on the same time zone to provide timely support.

With this new HAT facility, our customers will enjoy access to the quality parts needed in a more convenient location, streamlining the distribution and improving cycle time. The expanded facility allows us to position more of HAT’s inventory under one roof, eliminating the need for satellite storage or international shipment.

Immediate delivery, faster availability, comprehensive service, and minimized cost – HAT is helping Asia-Pacific aircraft operators and MROs succeed in aviation industry.

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