NorcaTec Supports Honeywell T53 Engines

Generations of pilots have flown helicopters powered by Honeywell’s reliable, powerful T53 and T55 families of turboshaft engines on all kinds of missions under all kinds of conditions. The T53 equips the iconic Bell UH-1, AH-1 and 204/205 and Kaman Aerospace K-Max, while the T55 flies on the Boeing® CH-47/B-234 and Bell 309.

Supporting these venerable engines falls squarely in the wheelhouse of NorcaTec, a global provider of solutions and support for military aircraft operators. Over the last year, Honeywell and NorcaTec have expanded their relationship to increase NorcaTec’s distribution right for the T53 spare parts around the world.



“With NorcaTec, T53 and T55 operators have a ‘one-stop shop’ who can provide original Honeywell parts whenever and wherever they need them to keep their helicopters flying and accomplish their missions,” said Sam Gorman, NorcaTec President and CEO. “It’s a point of pride for everyone at NorcaTec that Honeywell entrusts us with supporting the extensive global community of commercial operators, military end users and authorized repair centers.”

NorcaTec is focused on quality and customer service, according to Tom Duncan, Executive Vice President. “On-time delivery is a priority for us,” Duncan said. “We’re continuously improving our operating system with the goal of meeting or beating the customer’s request date 95 percent of the time. Because we have an exclusive relationship with Honeywell, we can commit to more inventory, which lets us respond quickly when we receive an urgent requirement.”

“Being a privately held, small business gives NorcaTec a unique business culture,” Gorman said. “We develop personal relationships with our customers and strive to achieve a spirit of collaboration inside and outside the company. We’re not bound by bureaucracy and are flexible and creative when it comes to providing customer support.”

Both Gorman and Duncan are Honeywell veterans who have imported elements of Honeywell’s culture to NorcaTec – including a focus on operational excellence, Six Sigma and performance-driven metrics.

NorcaTec traces its heritage back to offices in the Empire State Building where it was founded in 1946 right after WWII. Today, the company is headquartered in Garden City, N.Y., and maintains a global distribution center near Minneapolis, MN. About 85 people work for NorcaTec, most of them at the distribution center.

In addition to being parts supplier for the T53 and T55 programs, NorcaTec supports the Honeywell AGT 1500 engine and provides a wide range of Honeywell components for operators of F-15, F-16, F-18, C-130 and XH-60 aircraft.

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