Honeywell Welcomes Delivery of First Pilatus PC-24 Business Jet

Honeywell Aerospace shares in the excitement of the first delivery of the PC-24 twin- turbofan jet and salutes Swiss manufacturer Pilatus®Aircraft Ltd. for building and readying an airplane decidedly unique to the global business jet industry.

On Feb. 8, Pilatus will fly the new PC-24 to the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, headquarters of fractional ownership provider PlaneSense, the aircraft’s inaugural customer.

Pilatus promotes this “Super Versatile Jet” as offering the maneuverability of a turboprop airplane, the cabin size of a medium-light jet and the performance of a light jet. The 11-passenger PC-24 is designed for safe operation by one or two pilots, with technologies often found in much larger jets that reduce workload and enhance safety.

Honeywell Aerospace supports this mission with its new Primus Epic 2.0 cockpit, the latest in integrated avionics systems offering interactive navigational and situational awareness. Primus Epic 2.0 forms the basis of the PC-24 flight-deck configuration and includes four 12-inch color LCD display screens, SmartView Synthetic Vision System, Traffic Collision Avoidance System II and Wide Area Augmentation System-Localizer Performance.

Headquartered in Stans, Switzerland, Pilatus unveiled the PC-24 at the 2013 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition, 7 years after beginning work on the design.

The PC-24 earned certification from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and European Aviation Safety Agency in December. Pilatus aims to deliver 23 new jets this year, and reports PC-24 orders from at least 84 customers, accounting for three years of production.

Pilatus states the PC-24 can operate from more than 10,000 airports and 20,000 runways worldwide — on grass, gravel and paved surfaces — a feat no other business jet can claim. The airplane requires a takeoff distance of just 2,810 feet and can fly at a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet, reaching speeds of 440 knots with a range of 2,035 nautical miles.

With its robust selection of advanced flight deck systems, Honeywell Aerospace welcomes this newest addition to the aerospace world and looks forward to assisting Pilatus PC-24 operations just about anywhere around the globe.

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