Honeywell's Newest Avionics Protection Plan Option Stores Spare Parts Where You Need Them Most

  • Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan is offering a new optional upgrade to ensure large business fleets are more quickly repaired and ready to fly in a shorter time

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) has launched a new option called consigned inventory management for its maintenance protection program, the Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP). This feature lets Business and General Aviation aircraft operators store the avionics they need at the repair facilities closest to them, ensuring parts are more readily available. The program’s focus on 24/7 asset availability for operators greatly improves aircraft availability and prevents flight delays or cancellations. The upgrade is available for any customer using the HAPP or HAPP Gold programs.

Consigned inventory management shortens aircraft turnaround time compared to existing programs, taking less time to replace a failed aircraft part. The protection plan is specifically designed to maintain high aircraft availability, helping operators save thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs from grounded aircraft.

HAPP provides operators with the flexibility to choose repair parts with either Honeywell-recommended products or their preferred products. The selection of cost-effective products lets large fleet owners increase aircraft readiness and flyable conditions by utilizing Honeywell’s access to a global community of more than 600 repair facilities to support operators’ needs. Honeywell avionics are backed by the company’s Spares Exchange Program, which provides line-replaceable unit exchanges and rentals for both warranty and nonwarranty situations.

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