Honeywell Extends TCAS Range for Added Safety

The latest traffic alert collision avoidance system (TCAS) technology more than doubles the system’s surveillance range – dramatically improving safety and mission effectiveness for military pilots.

It’s no surprise that these advanced capabilities come from Honeywell, which pioneered TCAS for military and commercial aircraft more than a half-century ago and has delivered more collision avoidance systems than anyone else.

Our latest system for military aircraft – the MILACAS-XR –represents a generational improvement over most of the military collision avoidance systems flying today. The XR stands for extended range. Compared to the current ETCAS (Enhanced TCAS) systems now flying in military transports and tankers like the C-130, KC-135 and KC-10 and many other, the MILACAS-XR offers significantly greater active and passive surveillance range, while maintaining legacy ETCAS capabilities.


The MILACAS-XR provides an active interrogation range of 100 nautical miles compared to a range of 40 nm for aircraft using the ETCAS system. The passive surveillance range goes out beyond 100 nm, providing an extra margin of safety and more than six minutes of notice of traffic in the same airspace. This longer reach enables its use as a strategic coordination tool by military operators.

MILACAS-XR reduces risk of mid-air collision by providing earlier tactical warnings, too. Resolution advisories are provided at 35 seconds and traffic alerts at 48 seconds, a significant improvement from the 15 and 20 second tactical warning times provided by older-technology systems. The MILACAS-XR has current Change 7.1 functionality and plenty of growth options to meet future requirements.

Based on contemporary civil TCAS designs, the MILACAS-XR provides all the features of our industry-leading TPA-100 commercial system plus features that meet the unique requirements of military operations. The MILACAS-FR is available as a combination TCAS and formation/rendezvous system, which is already flying on U.S. Air Force C-17 transports.

Modular plug-and-play flexibility for aircraft equipped with the ETCAS makes the MILACAS-XR a snap to install. Other benefits include a 50 percent reduction in weight, a two-time improvement in reliability and hybrid surveillance capabilities to help operators prepare for future ADS-B In requirements.

MILACAS-XR is a centerpiece of Honeywell’s complete, integrated flight safety suite for military aircraft which also includes our RDR-4000M 3D Weather Radar and Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System.

View our new infographic on MILACAS-XR here.

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