Honeywell and Truth Data Offer One-Stop HEMS Solution

Honeywell and Truth Data are working together to provide an affordable and complete solution just in time to help Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) operators meet the FAA Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) mandate.

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HEMS operators have less than a year to bring their helicopter fleets into compliance, so now is the time to arrange for hardware upgrades and required services. The Honeywell-Truth Data collaboration creates a one-stop-shop for all your talk, text, tracking and FDM needs.   

A co-marketing agreement between the two companies brings together all the power of Honeywell’s Sky Connect Tracker III system and Truth Data’s cloud-based flight data monitoring and analysis services.  Either company will be able to provide a complete end-to-end solution for HAA and any operator.

The collaboration provides an easy way for HAA operators of all sizes to meet the April 2018 mandate. For any operator adopting fleet safety best practices, FDM offers a wide range of benefits for helicopter operators – regardless of their mission, equipment and fleet size.

With a complete FDM solution, operators can leverage information produced by avionics and mechanical systems on their helicopters for smarter, safer operations.

Key components and systems on the helicopter can now be monitored to provide operators, pilots and maintenance teams with a complete view of the performance and health of their helicopter. Data from various systems is more accessible than ever, and Honeywell and Truth Data allow operators to turn a wealth of information into actionable tasks.

Previously these kinds of capabilities were available only to very large operators that used customized, expensive data monitoring methods. With Truth Data’s ability to collate data from multiple areas of an aircraft, their cloud-based model for data monitoring analysis is now accessible to smaller operators. 

Honeywell provides a broad range of helicopter products including propulsion, avionics and communication systems for HAA operators. Visit our product page here to learn more about Sky Connect Tracker III and other helicopter solutions from Honeywell, the leader in connected aircraft technologies. 

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