Connectivity Support Leader Treats Every Customer Like a CEO

Curt Gray has a message for Honeywell customers: We have your back.

Curt GrayAs Senior Director of Connectivity Support, Gray leads a dedicated team of customer support professionals focused on the company’s connected aircraft business.

“This is an exciting time at Honeywell,” he said. “We have been an industry leader in satellite communications hardware for long time, but now we’re also providing services, software and airtime. The company is investing heavily in these areas, which means we need to grow our support capabilities to meet customers’ needs.”

With 25 years of satellite communications industry experience on his resume, Gray has learned that building trust is the key to providing customers with world-class levels of support. “I pride myself on ensuring that customers know I have their back,” he said. “It’s critical to know a customer’s needs and determine when and how you can help them. When you’re able to help someone, they remember you and that is how trust and long-term business relationships are formed.”

That’s exactly what Gray has set out to do at Honeywell. He’s growing and developing the Connectivity Support team to keep pace as the connected aircraft industry – and Honeywell’s leadership position in it – continues to evolve.

Gray originally joined Honeywell in 1989. He learned the business from the ground up with diverse roles in Engineering, Customer Support, Supply Management and Technical Sales. He became recognized as a thought leader in the satellite communications industry whose voice in matters of satcom hardware and services was respected inside and outside Honeywell. He went to work at Satcom Direct in 2007, building the support infrastructure and eventually becoming the company’s Chief Technology Officer, before returning to Honeywell in 2015.

He recently led the integration of the Satcom1 business into Honeywell. The integration was completed in late 2016, boosting Honeywell’s GoDirect™ Cabin suite of offerings which makes end-to-end management and support of services and connectivity easy for business jet operators.

“I learned a lot during the Satcom1 integration,” he said. “I’m very excited to go back to leading a team focused on providing better support for our connectivity customers.”

Gray has spent much of his career on the front lines of customer support. He recalls receiving a phone call one evening from a customer experiencing network issues with an onboard system on a business jet.

“I walked him through the troubleshooting process on the phone and the problem was quickly resolved,” Gray recalls. “The customer, who I assumed was a crew member, was very grateful. Several days later I learned that I had actually been talking to the CEO of the company. The lesson here is that you never know who you’ll encounter – so treat every customer like you’re working directly with the CEO.”

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