Congratulations COMAC!

COMAC made history May 5 when China’s homegrown airliner flew for the first time. The maiden flight of the C919 was a significant accomplishment for the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China. It also marks the beginning of a new era for China’s rapidly evolving commercial aviation industry.

Honeywell congratulates COMAC and the entire Chinese aviation community on reaching this important milestone for the biggest aircraft development program in the country’s history. We are proud that this amazing new airplane flies into the future with Honeywell leading-edge technologies onboard.

The company worked closely with its Chinese partners including our HonFei Flight Control Technology and Honeywell Boyun Aero Systems joint ventures to develop four major systems that will improve the flying experience for C919 operators, flight crews and passengers.

Employees from Honeywell Boyun felt their hearts soar when the wheels of the C919 left the runway, knowing they developed and produced the aircraft’s wheels and braking system. Honeywell’s legendary auxiliary power unit technologies provided the energy to start the main engines and power aircraft systems in flight. And COMAC test pilots used the HonFei fly-by-wire flight control system to fly the aircraft and our navigation technology to stay on course throughout the test flight regimen.

Each team member associated with this milestone is proud of all four systems and how they contributed to the success of this historic first flight. Thousands of Honeywell and joint venture company employees on three continents had a hand in developing these advanced, 21st-century commercial aviation technologies.

Our employees’ innovation, dedication and commitment throughout every critical stage of this challenging and complex development program are a testament to Honeywell’s commitment to deliver safer, more reliable and more comfortable technologies to aircraft manufacturers, operators and the flying public.

Thank you to COMAC for choosing Honeywell technology for this important program. Our customer-supplier partnership has evolved over the past eight years as we have worked closely to ensure the C919 is a modern, efficient aircraft worthy of the name COMAC.

The results speak for themselves.

Congratulations, COMAC, on this historic achievement! We look forward to supporting you as we progress together toward first delivery.

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