ADS-B Solved for Helicopters

Helicopter operators may find themselves muttering a few choice words as they watch the clock tick down to Jan. 1, 2020. That’s the date their helicopters need to be equipped with ADS-B Out technology mandated by the FAA if they want to keep operating in U.S. ADS-B controlled airspace. Similar mandates are taking effect elsewhere around the world.

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But now is not the time to panic – it’s the time to prepare by contacting Honeywell and BendixKing for a fast and easy solution that will meet mandate requirements, improve flight safety and boost your mission effectiveness without breaking the bank.

The BendixKing KT 74 ADS-B Out transponder is the best-value solution, whether you’re outfitting a single aircraft or an entire fleet. The transponder works with an integrated WAAS GPS and ADS-B receiver, like our KGX 150/130 units, and requires a wide area augmentation systems (WAAS) GPS data source. The KGX 150 has imbedded WAAS GPS capability and enables you to view ADS-B traffic, weather and other flight information on an IOS or Android smart device or a compatible certified display.  You may also install the KT 74 and use other certified WAAS GPS Navigators listed as a compatible WAAS GPS source.

The KT 74 transponder couldn’t be easier to install. It’s a drop-in replacement for the popular BendixKing KT 76A/C transponders that are standard equipment on many of the most popular helicopters. Because the KT 74 slides right into the existing mounting KT 76A mounting tray, downtime is minimized so you can get your helicopter back in the air quickly. Additional wiring is required to be compliant for the ADS-B OUT mandate.

The KT 74 upgrade is certified for ADS-B today for these helicopter models: Bell 429/407/206L/206B; Airbus Helicopters AS 322/350/B3/355/365 and EC 120/130/135/145; Robinson R22/44/66; and MD-500.

To learn more call 855-250-7027, see your BendixKing dealer or visit Don’t forget to ask us about our trade-in rebate on your old transponder – which makes the KT 74 even more affordable. 

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