Low Vis? No Problem with Primus Elite’s Advanced Features Synthetic Vision Option.

We’ve all been there, approaching an unfamiliar runway, ceiling less than 1000 feet, with visibility less than three miles. Would’ve been easier with a better view.

Low Visibility

Primus Elite’s Synthetic Vision System (SVS) provides that view.

If you’re flying with a Primus 1000/2000/2000XP, SPZ-8400/8500 or SPZ-8000 series avionics system, you can upgrade your flight deck with the latest LCD display technology capable of providing that clear, sunny day view in all flight conditions.

The Primus Elite upgrade provides enhanced graphical capabilities to display of valuable flight information in the pilots’ primary field of view. Displayed data includes geo-referenced (your position) electronic charts and maps, XM graphical weather and video. These added graphical cues reduce scan / data assimilation time facilitating quicker decisions and smoother transitions to changing flight profiles due to weather or air traffic control directives.

The Primus Elite SVS Option adds vivid, 3D color images of runways, terrain and obstacles, giving you a clear view of the virtual flight path. Furthermore, this option includes two new XM Weather features, METARs and TAF, and TCAS icons added as available overlays on the enhanced moving map display.

The increased level of situational awareness you’ll experience will pay dividends when flying to unfamiliar locations, in bad weather, or at night.

And speaking of dividends, the value of your aircraft, documented in the Aircraft Blue Book, will increase.

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