Future Air Navigation System Certified for Challenger 601

Operators of Bombardier Challenger 601-3A/3R aircraft can minimize delays and avoid disruption to their international travel plans by scheduling a critical upgrade to meet the Federal Aviation Administration’s mandated “NextGen” Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1/A+).

For operators wanting Controller Pilot Data Link Communications/Future Air Navigation System (CPDLC/FANS) 1/A+, the upgrade is now available through Duncan Aviation, which recently received supplemental type certification (STC) from the FAA. The installation includes the upgraded NZ-2000 Honeywell flight management system (FMS version 6.1), which integrates with current Challenger 601-3A/3R flight decks and is forward-fit compatible with future mandates.

With the FMS 6.1 upgrade, operators can take advantage of more than 3,700 WAAS with LPV approach procedures at more than 1,820 airports.

“Essentially, CPDLC/FANS enhances communication between the pilots and air traffic controller,” said Justin Vena, avionics installation sales rep for Duncan Aviation. “This integrated installation is unique in the industry.”

The upgraded Honeywell FMS satisfies all current NextGen mandates for FANS/CPDLC, and is an integral part of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out (ADS-B Out) and Wide Area Augmentation System-Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (WAAS-LPV) programs — the highest-precision GPS (WAAS-enabled) instrument approach procedure currently available without specialized aircrew training.

Although the FAA doesn’t require the ADS-B upgrade until January 1, 2020, doing these upgrades and modifications now can eliminate the ever-growing issue of hangar capacity and scheduling pressures as well as higher costs as the deadline approaches.

The FANS/CPDLC is primarily used when flying over water and through European airspace, but when future mandates are issued for U.S. airspace, the Honeywell systems you upgrade during this modification will already meet the guidelines for higher levels of precision here in the United States.

Program details about this and other unique integrated solutions are available at “FANS STC for the Challenger 601.” Additionally, it’s a very cost-effective option.

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