Be On Target with TALIN

Our TALIN inertial land navigation technology has been selected for installation on the British Army’s new AJAX armored fighting vehicles under development by General Dynamics Land Systems UK. A contract to deliver 589 AJAX platforms by 2023 is already underway.

“Soldiers depend on technologies to provide unparalleled precision aboard their combat vehicles” said Milind Ghanekar, Honeywell Senior Director of OEMs. “We have been at the forefront of inertial navigation system (INS) technologies for more than three decades. Our INS for land applications provides users with a lightweight and highly accurate laser guidance navigation system to achieve their most critical missions.”

The TALIN family of land navigation and pointing systems have proven performance with more than 15,000 fielded systems on over 60 land-based platforms. Featuring three-axis inertial sensors and weighing less than 6 kilograms, it’s easily installed and can be mounted in a number of ways. It is smaller and lighter than other available navigation solutions and offers more reliable performance.

By marrying INS and embedded global positioning system (GPS) capabilities, our TALIN INS/GPS solutions provide unprecedented levels of accuracy, durability and reliability, even in a GPS-denied environment. TALIN systems can hold direction longer than alternative systems, and don't require rotation.

One key advantage of navigating with a TALIN over using a magnetic compass, is that the Earth’s magnetic field is very weak and can be warped by any surrounding metal or electronic devices. That can cause very large “magnetic heading” errors. TALIN does not rely on measuring Earth’s magnetic field. Instead, its gyros are so sensitive that they can actually feel the Earth turning. The system determines the direction of True North to a fraction of a degree by feeling the Earth turn.

The British Army’s AJAX program builds on our extensive experience with this highly precise navigation technology, making sure they are on target. The contract with General Dynamics Land Systems UK is expected to run through 2023. Find out how our family of navigation products could be the right solution for you.

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