Meet the Rock Stars Behind the Connected Aircraft Tour

One was chief pilot for an A-list movie star. Another enjoys woodworking and leathercraft. A third has been an aircraft mechanic for 50 years. And one is a former Elvis impersonator.

They’re the Honeywell crew behind this summer’s “Power of Connected” world tour – a traveling rock show to demonstrate Honeywell’s connected aircraft products, services and software using the company’s own Boeing®757 flying testbed.

The tour began May 31 in San Francisco with June stops planned for Dallas, New York, London and Paris, and July tour dates in Dubai, Beijing, Tokyo and other major cities. The 757 takes center stage dressed to impress with an all-new paintjob calling out many of the company’s leading-edge technologies.

“We’re really excited about the tour and the opportunity to show our connected aircraft capabilities to customers and other VIPs,” said Joe Duval, Chief Test Pilot and Site Leader at Sky Harbor Flight Operations. “Being a Honeywell test pilot is an exciting job because we get to play with all the new toys. We call ourselves Honeywell’s ‘first customers,’ since we are testing new products and making sure they’re ready for prime time before they go out to ‘real’ customers.”

Real customers like Duval’s former boss – John Travolta. Duval flew business jets and transports for Travolta for about four years before becoming a test pilot. He’s been with Honeywell for 12 years.

Lead Test Pilot Jason McMahon works closely Honeywell engineers and mechanics to put Honeywell products through their paces. Most recently, he’s been testing software for GX Aviation, the network that provides fast, reliable connectivity using Honeywell’s JetWave satellite communications system.  

“It’s been exciting flying our connectivity products in the test phase,” McMahon said. “One of my jobs is to give our engineers feedback from the pilot’s perspective. With the world tour, we have a chance to visit a lot of great places and show a lot of great products to people all over the world.”

When he’s not flying Honeywell aircraft, McMahon enjoys woodworking and leathercraft. He joined Honeywell in 2013.

Duval and McMahon are joined on the Power of Connected world tour by a talented team of pilots, engineers, mechanics and other support staff. Included are Quality Manager George Voss, who marked 50 years as a licensed mechanic in March, and Lead Mechanic James Maguire, a failed Elvis impersonator who never lets his work at Honeywell get him “All Shook Up.”

Learn about the whole crew on this infographic and follow the tour on Twitter #HoneywellRocks #WiFiThatFlies.


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