F124 Engine for the New USAF Trainer: Powerful, Ready and Reliable

America’s future fighter pilots need an advanced trainer aircraft as capable as they are. That’s exactly what they’ll get with the T-100 trainer – powered by Honeywell’s proven F124 turbofan engine.

The F124 engine is all about lowering risk, maximizing performance and increasing readiness. It has the highest thrust-to-weight ratio in its class, thanks to a unique cooled single-stage high and low pressure turbine design that produces power that meets or exceeds even the most challenging training mission requirements. How do we know? Because the F124 already successfully powers the Leonardo M-346 – one of the world’s most advanced production trainer jets – in service today providing a superior training experience for future air force pilots of Italy, Israel and Singapore.

The next generation of U.S. Air Force pilots deserves nothing less. USAF instructors, student pilots and maintenance crews all will benefit from the reliability and ease of maintenance that the F124 brings to the T-100.

For starters, there is the advanced engine control provided by our dual Full Authority Digital Electronic Controls (FADEC), which reduces pilot workload with features like automatic start and ignition sequencing. FADEC also provides continuous engine diagnostics to improve reliability and availability.

The F124 offers a superior experience for maintenance crews, too, thanks to a modular design that helps mechanics get the aircraft back in the air where it belongs – faster and more efficiently. The engine also features the latest integrated Engine Monitoring System (EMS) to keep an eye on engine health and track life usage to let operators know when it’s time to service the engine.

Lifecycle costs are as important as ever given tight operating budgets. The F124 is significantly more fuel-efficient than engines that require an afterburner system, with their complicated fuel delivery system and variable nozzle components. The F124’s simple, non-augmented design, coupled with the elimination of inlet guide vanes, contributes to reduced parts count and reduced maintenance, saving wear-and-tear on critical engine parts to reduce maintenance and fuel costs.

The twin-engine design advantage of the T-100 instills confidence and provides an extra margin of safety for Air Force instructors and student pilots, while delivering the thrust needed to meet the needs of the flight training community.

Visit us online and download the F124 brochure to learn more about the engine that will power the next-generation USAF fighter-trainer aircraft.

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