Honeywell Power Makes Eagle 407HP Ideal for Law Enforcement

Honeywell Power Makes Eagle 407HP Ideal for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement helicopters do much more than simply patrol the highways these days. They operate in diverse terrains and challenging environmental conditions, performing airborne law enforcement and search and rescue missions that are critical to public safety and homeland security.

With power provided by the reliable and cost-effective Honeywell HTS900 engine, the Eagle Copters 407HP is the ideal helicopter for law enforcement agencies at the national, state and local levels.

The 407HP has what it takes to support units on the ground during aerial surveillance, emergency, and search and rescue missions. The overall and proven performance of the 407HP is unmatched and enables operators to fly faster and further with lower fuel and operating costs. The additional payload capacity enables agencies to carry an assortment of rescue gear.

Using design and engineering licensed from Bell Helicopter, Honeywell and Eagle Copters launched the Eagle 407HP program to improve the performance of existing Bell 407 helicopters by replacing the standard engine with the Honeywell HTS900 engine. Under the partnership, Honeywell provides the HTS900 engine and configuration while Eagle Copters provides the aircraft, performs the engine installation and handles flight testing and certification.

Several key engine design features, including a highly efficient twin centrifugal compressor and cooled, single-crystal gas producer turbine blades, enable a 17 percent reduction in fuel burn - directly lower your operating budget. The upgrade provides a 12 percent reduction in direct maintenance because of its on-condition maintenance approach and rotating component service life of 15,000 hours/cycles.

Watch the video to learn more about the Eagle 407HP and the HTS900 benefits for law enforcement operators.