GoDirect Flight Efficiency at EMEA Flight Ops IT Conference

Improving operational efficiency with analytics software is why many Flight Ops managers and engineers visit the Aircraft Commerce IT Conference in Amsterdam. This year the conference is bigger and better with dozens of airlines from all over the region in attendance.

Honeywell is one of the main sponsors of the event and has a team of six on the ground with functions ranging from technical sales to account management, from product marketing to software development. To facilitate growth, we bring cross-functional teams to trade shows. It is a great opportunity for team members to get a better grasp of industry trends and challenges, but it is also an opportunity for Honeywell to benefit from the perspective of our top engineering talent.

"This is our eighth year as exhibitor and conference sponsor," says Georgi Mitov, Director Product Marketing for the GoDirect Flight Efficiency solutions. “Conferences are the best way not just to keep in touch with the latest trends but also to create new ones. For example, this year we are showcasing our new Tracks functionality. It shows graphically historical flights along the same route which substantially improves the situational awareness of pilots. It also helps to improve efficiency – it provides pilots with information that helps them request in-flight directs, timely and optimal aircraft configuration management, and much more.”

The Tracks functionality has been developed in partnership with Lufthansa Systems and is integrated with Lido/eRouteManual. This approach allows accumulated historical data about specific tracks to be presented to pilots as a separate layer on top of navigational charts. During its launch period at Lufthansa, Tracks have resulted in demonstrable fuel and time savings that amount to 1.1 nautical miles per short-haul flight and 3.5 nautical miles per long-haul flight, multiplied by the thousands of flights Lufthansa does every year.

“Tracks is an industry-first accomplishment which further expands our portfolio of connected aircraft offerings,” added Georgi Mitov. “We are looking forward to delivering substantial value to airlines which have invested in on-board connectivity.”

Since the conference is one of the leading industry events for IT solutions for better aviation fuel efficiency, we presented GoDirect services for airlines with a focus on our flagship offerings:

  • GoDirect Fuel Efficiency – our industry-leading solution which collects data from the airline’s systems and matches it to actual flight data to identify fuel savings opportunities and communicate them to pilots.
  • Weather Information Service – our breakthrough app which assists the flight crew in making strategic, in-flight decisions with respect to weather information by providing up-to-date weather data. It also provides optimization of the flight path which saves fuel.

Over the two days of the conference, Honeywell’s team has already with met with multiple airlines at our exhibition booth. Many of the big European airlines are already our customers, since Europe is one of the most mature markets when it comes to fuel efficiency and carbon emission reduction. Our most recent customer win is KLM, part of the AirFrance-KLM and one of the biggest airline groups, alongside customers Lufthansa Group, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Group, Thomas Cook Group, a list of over 30 leading airlines from all over the world.

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