Your MyAerospace Portal Just Keeps Getting Faster and Easier to Use

Your MyAerospace Portal just keeps getting faster and easier to use.

Not only have we redesigned our homepage, navigation, and performance so you can reach your destination quickly, but our new online ordering application will transform your parts and repair order experience.

Profile functionality

New profiles make placing orders for multiple accounts, destinations, and end-use simple. Start by creating a profile and assign the account, shipping preferences, and end use information to the selected profile to automatically populate that information during your search and checkout process.

You can create multiple profiles with preferences configured to your needs and even give profiles a nickname to help you distinguish between the presets on each.

Search for parts and service

Searching has never been easier. With the ability to search through parts and services you can return results based on your search criteria. Our intelligent auto suggestion feature will assist you in finding the correct items based on either the number or description. And, you can save your favorite part or service so it always appears right away.

Results are based on your account information. Contracts, prices, availability and locations are considered in every search to provide the best options available.

Assemble orders

You can now fully book a repair from Online Ordering. Simply select the repair type you need from the search results and provide some basic information of your unit such as part number, date of removal, and reason for removal. From there, you can configure the repair to your specific needs such as selecting optional service bulletins, additional requirements and specific certifications. All these variables will be calculated to determine the turnaround-time of the unit once it’s received by the repair facility.

Complete orders at your convenience

We’ve introduced a shopping cart feature to allow you to create orders within your own time frame. Add items to your cart and feel safe leaving them there when the interruptions of our daily tasks take place. Simply return to Online Ordering and continue where you left off, without losing the valuable time spent assembling that order.

Submit repair orders

Once you’ve submitted a repair order, we will generate the appropriate documentation to accompany your order such as the shipping label and workscope documentation. Ensuring you know exactly where and how to send your unit to Honeywell.

Track your order status

Whether the order was placed online, through electronic data interchange, or manually shipped directly to a site, all orders will appear on the Order Status application so you can stay up to date on your orders progress.

Keep track of all the latest enhancements here. Learn more through this video.

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