Don’t Squawk When You Can’t Squitter - Upgrade Your ADS-B Now

If you’re planning a trip on New Year’s Eve 2019, make sure you’re ADS-B Out-compliant, otherwise your plane may be grounded. Although it’s three years away, the window for meeting the mandate is rapidly closing. The regulations are real and time is short. Get ahead of the crowd and start planning your upgrades today to make sure you fly compliant and are not grounded.

With thousands aircraft still needing to be equipped, each day waited increases the challenges and uncertainty of getting your aircraft compliant by the 2020 requirement. By starting today, you can avoid the installation facility backlogs, component shortages, installation price increases, and the inability to fly to your key destinations.

The ADS-B Out mandate states that the transponder must meet the DO-260B standard, which requires Extended Squitter Mode S and operation on radio frequency of 1090 MHz capabilities. The extended squitter (ES) transmits your aircraft’s position, direction of flight, velocity, vertical climb / descent to air traffic control computers allowing controllers (ADS-B Out*), other aircraft and you (ADS-B In**), to track each airplane’s position / path with greater accuracy.

* ADSB Out – mandated in 2020

** ADSB In – not part of mandate in 2020

Upgrading Your Aircraft – What’s Needed


Honeywell has ADS-B Out solutions for the 23+ aircraft types equipped with Honeywell cockpits, but since each aircraft type has a different cockpit configurations, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. So it is very important to contact your preferred service center or Honeywell representative. Also, it’s important to understand that ADS-B is an integrated system, requiring several components that work in tandem. Depending on your individual aircraft configuration, you may need several additional components as part of the upgrade package. These include: transponder, global positioning system, radio systems, communications, as well as other supporting components and software. Let’s look at each in more detail.

DO260B Compliant Transponders

Aircraft have transponders to assist in identifying them on air traffic control radar; and collision avoidance systems have been developed to use transponder transmissions as a means of detecting aircraft at risk of colliding with each other. As mentioned above, the DO-260B standards require the transponder have ES capability, plus it needs to be coupled with a self-aware GPS that can pinpoint accuracy down to roughly three meters.

Honeywell solutions include: KXP-2290 Transponder

Global Positioning System (GPS) Requirements

To be DO-260B ADS-B compliant, a GPS “Selective Availability Aware” (GPS SA) capable sensor (developed to TSO-C145b or TSO-C146b) must provide the position, velocity, altitude, figure of merit, and integrity limit data for the Mode S Transponder.

A Global Positioning System (GPS) upgrade is part of the ADS-B Out requirement. Honeywell’s GPS units provide highly accurate global positioning satellite navigation information for the full range of flight to meet the C-145b / -146b requirement. The upgraded GPS unit will retain Departure, Climb, En-route, Descent navigation and add the SBAS correction for required ADSB three-meter accuracy and the GPS-based LPV approach.

Honeywell solutions include: HG2021GD04, HG2021GD06, KGS-200 GPS with Active Antenna

Data and Voice Communications

The radio system encompasses all primary radio navigation and communication functions. The system also includes a digital audio system providing audio, interphone, and passenger address systems. Honeywell offers two radio system solutions – Primus Epic® and Primus® II radio systems.

Don’t Delay

There’s no better time than now to get started on upgrading your aircraft! You have flexibility and choice to upgrade your aircraft, but the opportunity lessens the longer you postpone. Several business jet maintenance, repair and overhaul centers have received Supplemental Type Certificates to upgrade your aircraft for ADS-B Out mandate compliant.

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