Aircraft Data Loading… Made Easy


Aircraft Data Loading… Made Easy

Honeywell’s data loader solutions are making it easier for business jet operators to update databases, saving both time and money.

Currently Honeywell offers three data loaders: the Wireless Data Loader for Primus® Epic cockpits, the DL-950, and the DL-1000.

Honeywell’s wireless data loader (DLMU-W) is a drop-in replacement for previous data management unit and data LAN management unit (DLMU) data loaders. The DLMU-W allows operators to update their navigation databases wirelessly using the internet download manager (IDM) app for iPad, and also to download, decode, and analyze fault data using the MyMaintainer app for iPad.

The DL-950 is a plug-and-play replacement for old floppy disk data loaders on the FMZ-2000 flight management systems (FMS). USB loading can be performed simultaneously on up the three flight management systems. In as little as 10 minutes, aircraft data loading can be completed—all error-free. More importantly, this low-cost USB media can be used on your personal computer to download the latest navigation database from the internet and take it directly to your aircraft, resulting in faster load times and greater media reliability.

Our DL-1000 data loader for legacy cockpits enables updating via both USB and Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. But our latest innovation makes it even better—now there is a wireless option.

New DL-1000 Wireless Option

The new add-on option for the existing DL-1000 makes use of a specially configured commercial-off-the-shelf Wi-Fi SD card to offer Honeywell FMS database users the ability to update the cockpit navigation databases wirelessly with the My Honeywell Data Manager (MyHDM) app for iPad. The myHDM app connects with the DL-1000 data loader via the Wi-Fi SD card to manage and update the aircraft databases wirelessly.

The combination of the DL-1000 data loader, Wi-Fi SD card, and the MyHDM mobile app significantly streamlines database updates for pilots and operators.

No matter what kind of Honeywell cockpit you operate, we are making it easier to get important data on and off the aircraft to save time and costs.

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