Why “Now” Is the Time to Complete ADS-B Mandate

Duncan ADS-B

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out is a ground-based, mandated technology that will transform the global surveillance infrastructure. It lets properly equipped aircraft broadcast their precise location to Air Traffic Control (ATC).

This is important because today most air traffic control (ATC) systems rely on older radar technology where it takes three full sweeps of the antenna to determine if an aircraft has even changed heading when your aircraft is 100 miles out. With ADS-B, heading is updated every second. As the name implies, ADS-B allows the aircraft to continually broadcast its position—aircraft identification, TCAS status, heading, altitude and velocity—without the need for ground-based radar systems.

In addition, more precise and accurate aircraft positioning allows ATC to safely fit more aircraft into a given air space. This allows ATC to manage more direct routing, saving time, and reducing fuel consumption. On the ground ADS-B also lowers the risk of runway incursions.

With an FAA deadline of December 31, 2019, it may seem like there is still plenty of time to get your aircraft outfitted, but aircraft owners who wait to equip will face scheduling challenges as well as higher installation costs.

As Duncan Aviation points out, there are at least 6,000 business aircraft in the United States that still need to equip their aircraft and with 35 months remaining to meet that deadline, the writing is on the wall that there “will be” some aircraft that won’t be able to get completed in time.

“Now is the time to start your planning because on January 1, 2020, a non-compliant Part 25 aircraft will effectively be grounded,” said Matt Nelson, Duncan Aviation’s Satellite Operations Manager. “Capacity limitations are already affecting how soon you can get your aircraft scheduled for these upgrades and each day that you delay will only compound the challenges.

Fortunately, Honeywell provides an easy, cost-effective compliance solution for operators that fly with the Primus II radio system. Upgrading an existing Primus II system and adding a standalone GPS receiver will provide a fully compliant solution for your aircraft.

Duncan Aviation, offers the Primus II radio system with standalone GPS for the Hawker 800/800XP and Citation 560/560XL. Installation of the STC can be accomplished at Duncan Aviation’s three main full-service locations in Michigan, Nebraska, and Utah, as well as at more than 20 satellite avionics facilities.

“There’s no question within the aviation community that ADS-B will transform air traffic control and bring about a smoother, more efficient means of navigating the skies. Safety and cost efficiencies will both be improved as we transition to this new era of aviation technology,” Nelson said. “Equipping now is certainly in your best interest.”

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