Join Honeywell Deep in the Heart of Texas for HELI-EXPO 2017

Connectivity and operational efficiency and safety will be the focus of the Honeywell presence at HELI-EXPO, the world’s commercial helicopter trade show and conference.

The event, organized by the Helicopter Association International (HAI) and held March 7-9 in Dallas, is expected to draw more than 20,000 attendees representing helicopter suppliers and airframe manufacturers from 80 countries.

At its booth, Honeywell (Booth 5423) will be showcasing a variety of helicopter technologies designed to make helicopters more efficient, safer and more connected.  On the eve of the show, Honeywell will release its annual Helicopter Industry Forecast, which provides an authoritative look at industry trends.


The following sessions are open to all show attendees. Honeywell will be holding four sessions on How to Use the Connected Helicopter at 11am and 3pm on Tuesday, March 7th and Wednesday, March 8th in room A305. Join our team to hear the latest news on connectivity for helicopters.

Jim Ebken, Honeywell Product Support Engineer, will be giving the T53 technical briefing on Tuesday, March 7th at 1:00pm and the LTS101 technical briefing at 2:00pm the same day.  Both sessions will be held in room C145.  Jim will also be presenting a new session on the Mechanic’s Risk Matrix on Wednesday, March 8 at 12:00pm in room C143.

Tom Neumann, Commercial Helicopters Business Senior Director, and Rob Richardson, Business Manager, will cover industry products and services and how connectivity improves safety in operation during the Connectivity for Safety session as part of HAI’s Rotor Safety Challenge on March 8 at 8:00am in room C140. Learn more about the program here.

We will have the following products at the Honeywell booth:

Communications Systems

Honeywell’s communications portfolio includes several broadband satellite solutions for rotary-wing platforms.

  • Sky Connect Tracker is an all-in-one system that enables concurrent voice, text, aircraft fleet tracking and real-time flight data monitoring in a single box, courtesy of the global coverage provided by the Iridium® satellite network.
  • Using a high-data rate software package, the Aspire 200 Satellite Communication System reduces the impacts of rotor blade interference to create a high-bandwidth environment for helicopter operators worldwide.


Honeywell is a leading provider of avionics systems for all aircraft types, including helicopters. 

  • Honeywell’s LASEREF VI inertial reference system designed to meet the unique needs of helicopter operators including optimized alignment for quick dispatch, full helicopter qualification levels and pointing accuracy to support high bandwidth SATCOM operations even in GNSS denied environments.
  • Honeywell’s Vibration Monitoring/HUMS products offer a proactive approach to enhanced safety.
  • Sky Force Observer and Sentinel are acknowledged to have the best user interface for presenting and accessing data from stored maps and live sensors together to improve crew effectiveness. 
  • BendixKing MK XXI EGPWS is ideal for VFR-equipped lighter helicopters without radio altimeter modes and aiding.
  • Honeywell’s MK XXII EGPWS offers highly advanced safety functions for larger IFR-equipped helicopters with radio altimeters.
  • Primus 660 Weather Radar excels in transmitter power, pulse width and receiver sensitivity.
  • The Honeywell and Bendix King KRA-405B Altimeter offers expanded scale for helicopter operation and provides analog and ARINC 429 outputs to interface with GPWS, collision avoidance and other aircraft systems.
  • BendixKing TRA-45A EGPWS/Radar Altimeter Indicator is ideal for displaying radar altitude and EGPWS information in a vivid color display that is easily viewed, even in bright daylight.
  • BendixKing’s KT 74 Transponder and KGX-series transceivers are STC’d on a wide variety of popular rotorcraft and enable simple, affordable ADS-B mandate compliance.

Propulsion Systems

Honeywell propulsion engines power helicopters flying every type of rotary-wing mission. 

  • The HTS900 engine incorporates a next-generation, Honeywell-designed Dual Centrifugal Compressor architecture increasing the aircraft’s power output while reducing fuel consumption.
  • Honeywell LTS101 engines have been delivered to customers worldwide logging more than 11 million service hours.

We will have our commercial helicopter virtual reality experience at the booth. With this virtual reality tool you can choose to fly a helicopter and visit the hangar while learning about the capabilities of helicopter products without leaving the booth.

If you can’t join us at HELI-EXPO 2017, you can learn more about Honeywell’s complete portfolio of solutions for helicopter operators here

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