Honeywell’s DU 875 / 885 Upgrades Display a World of New Capabilities

Honeywell’s DU 875 / 885 liquid crystal displays (LCD) are the foundation of a whole new view from your flight deck. Each DU 875 / 885 high resolution display is a form / fit upgrade that provides more clarity in all cockpit lighting conditions, are substantially more reliable than the existing cathode ray tube displays, and each save about seven pounds of weight.

But the displays are only the beginning!

Honeywell’s Primus Elite® flight deck upgrade expands the DU 875 / 885 display capabilities to deliver a suite of functions rivaling those of jets rolling off assembly lines today.

The Primus Elite upgrade offers enhanced graphical capabilities enabling the display of valuable flight information in the pilots’ primary field of view. These data include: geo-referenced (own ship position) electronic charts and approach plates, moving maps, video display capability for on-board cameras (including display of optional Enhanced Vision system) and XM® Weather. These added graphical cues significantly improve situational awareness and reduce the pilots’ scan and data assimilation time facilitating quicker decisions and smoother transitions to changing flight profiles due to weather or air traffic control directives. Primus Elite’s enhanced graphical capabilities are easily and intuitively controlled via a cursor control device (style varies by application).

And Experience Primus Elite Advanced Features

Primus Elite Advanced Features includes a Synthetic Vision System (SVS) display, which provides 3D color images of runways, terrain and obstacles, giving pilots a clear view of the virtual flight path. This increased level of situational awareness is particularly useful when flying to unfamiliar locations, in bad weather, or at night, reducing errors and pilot workload.

It is by no accident (pun intended) that SVS is one of the best safety features a business jet can have.

In addition to SVS, Primus Elite also adds METARs (Aviation Routine Weather Report) and Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) to new XM Weather overlay selections on Moving Map display. And TCAS symbology is now displayed as an additional overlay on the enhanced Moving Map display.

In addition to these capabilities, the Primus Elite upgrade enables more efficient operations and increases aircraft value (documented in the Aircraft Blue Book). These are just some of the reasons why a leading aviation publication named Primus Elite as its number one choice for a flat-panel upgrade solution.

There’s no better time than now to get started on upgrading your aircraft! Several Honeywell Dealers now have access to or have their own Supplemental Type Certificates to upgrade your aircraft.

Additionally, the display’s form / fit design will allow some operators (depending on aircraft platform) the option to upgrade to Primus Elite gradually – adding one or two displays at a time.

DU 875 Display

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