FAA Approves Mandarin for Honeywell Helicopter EGPWS

Mandarin-speaking helicopter pilots will be able to hear cockpit warnings in their own language thanks to a modification approved by the FAA. This marks the first time that non-English aural alerts have been available on Honeywell’s landmark enhanced ground proximity warning system.

The Mandarin version of the EGPWS program is designed to improve safety by making it easier for Chinese pilots to recognize warnings. This marks a significant milestone for Honeywell and the aviation industry. The breakthrough unlocks the potential for Honeywell to work on additional language alerts for EGPWS in the future.

“EGPWS is widely considered one of the biggest success stories in the history of aviation, and we are proud to offer a Mandarin-language version that will be of huge benefit to native Chinese-speaking pilots,” said Andy Gill, senior director, Business and General Aviation, Asia Pacific.

“As helicopter use in China continues to rise, Honeywell is committed to providing pilots and operators with best-in-class solutions that enable safer and more efficient operations. Looking ahead, our success with this Mandarin version puts us in a strong position to work on more language addition that will benefit end users in other markets worldwide.”

Developed by Honeywell in 1996, EGPWS functions as an independent monitor of an aircraft’s position relative to surrounding terrain. The system protects aircraft against Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT), such as mountains or buildings, and potential runway incursions or overruns.


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