Business Jets Get Key Flight Management Upgrades

Honeywell is offering an updated flight management system (FMS) with numerous new features that will save time and money for business jet operators and keep their aircraft in compliance with regulatory mandates.

Known as FMS version 6.1, the updated system offers enhancements that will reduce valuable in-flight time, lower fuel burn and emissions and provide functionalities that are critical for meeting both current and upcoming mandates such as the Future Air Navigation System (FANS).

Supplemental Type Certification has been awarded for various models of Bombardier®, British Aerospace, Cessna, Dassault®, Dornier, Embraer®Gulfstream®and Hawker aircraft using either the FMZ-2000 or NZ-2000 FMS.

Among the significant features is WAAS-LPV — Wide Area Augmentation System-Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance — which enables new LPV airport approaches. LPV is the highest-precision GPS (WAAS-enabled) instrument approach procedure currently available without specialized aircrew training requirements, such as required navigation performance (RNP).

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), today there are 3,767 WAAS-LPV approach procedures serving 1,832 airports of which 1,074 are non-ILS airports. With the FMS 6.1 upgrade, operators can thus take advantage of more direct routing to nearly 2,000 airports.

FMS 6.1 also delivers future growth to FANS I/A data link, providing radar-like surveillance in remote regions and data link communication to reduce the need for high frequency (HF) voice reporting when the aircraft is transiting in an oceanic or polar region.

Among other value-added features in the new software version are navigation database improvements to include circling approaches and multiple approaches to the same runway, temperature compensation, improved database cross load times, vectors-to-final approach, automated FMS leg-type sequencing for heading-to-altitude and heading-to-intercept (VA/VI) and tactical air navigation (TACAN) approaches.

With FMS 6.1 installed, business jet operators will be able to land more places, more often, get access to LPV minimums on area navigation (RNAV) approaches with decision altitudes as low as 200 feet and visibility minimums as low as a half mile — in short, enjoy more efficient in-flight operation, better access to airports and airspace and enhanced peace of mind.

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