Helicopters Get Their Own Day

With an estimated 56,200 helicopters worldwide and helicopter industry employment of more than a half million people, it’s fitting that this amazing invention should get its own day of celebration—World Helicopter Day.

This year, it is being held on Sunday, August 20, with events staged around the world. The day aims to raise awareness of the contributions that helicopters make to our society and celebrate the diverse range of people that design, fly and support them.

Of course, Honeywell offers a full line of avionics, engines and services for helicopters employed in missions as diverse as firefighting, law enforcement and military operations to executive transport and search and rescue—most recently featuring the “Connected Helicopter” that allows operators to stay connected from the air everywhere in the world, including over cities, mountains and oceans.

So, what’s the current outlook for the helicopter business? In its 19th annual Turbine-Powered Civil Helicopter Purchase Outlook, Honeywell forecasts 3,900 to 4,400 global helicopter deliveries over the next five years. The authoritative annual survey presents a snapshot of the helicopter business at a point in time and reflects the current business and political environment in seven different world regions.

While new purchase-plan rates are expected to be lower for the next five years, the survey reveals different purchasing intentions in different regions.

For example in Latin American, which led all global regions in the rate of new aircraft purchase plans, respondents currently favor light single-engine models, as do North American operators. However, in the Middle East and Africa, close to 80 percent of planned new helicopter purchases are intermediate and medium twin-engine models.

European tend to favor all classes in nearly equal shares this year. Asia Pacific operators are focusing more on corporate and oil and gas end uses.

In addition to providing solutions for new helicopters, Honeywell is well-positioned to help operators keep current fleets lasting longer with aftermarket upgrades and repairs.

Browse this list of events being staged around the world to find one near you. The hashtag #worldhelicopterday will be used to tie in activity across different social media platforms.

If you’ve never experienced a flight in a helicopter, World Helicopter Day is the perfect time to give it a try.

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