Would you watch this at home? No–so why trust it in the air!

I’m going to take an informed guess and suggest that the TV you have at home is a state-of-the-art, High Definition, flat screen, Smart TV. It’s also probably no more than 5 years old at most.

I am going to take another informed guess – that the display screens in your aircraft’s cockpits are older, less state-of-the-art than they are techno/retro chic – and almost certainly more than 10 years old!

This rather begs the question as to why the technology you use at home for entertainment is more sophisticated than the displays you rely on for your safety when flying!

With ever-advancing technology and up-coming avionics mandates, many business jet operators are faced with a dilemma. Should they invest in new aircraft or keep their current airplanes and upgrade the avionics suite?

Jet Aviation and Honeywell have an easy answer for operators who would like to extend the service life of their assets: the Primus Elite DU875 Display Upgrade program.

“The Primus Elite DU875 Display Upgrade program is designed for operators flying aircraft with the Primus 2000 integrated avionics system,” said Samuel Nemoz, Manager Direct Sales at Jet Aviation’s facility in Basel “The DU875 is more than a display upgrade - it’s an entirely new avionics system. While initially designed to overcome upcoming CRT obsolescence, DU875 also delivers enhanced flight management tools, future growth capability and improved reliability.”

The DU875 Upgrade replaces existing cathode ray tube multifunction display units with more modern and reliable Honeywell LCD displays. Combined with a new cursor control device, this upgrade utilizes the processing power inherent in LCD displays to support electronic moving maps, electronic charts, XM weather charts and other new flight deck features.

Despite the added functionality DU875 is a simple ‘plug & play” upgrade requiring less than 2 weeks ground time and no additional pilot training. Jet Aviation and Honeywell are also certifying the option of a 1-for-1 display upgrade program, meaning operators can chose to upgrade single displays at a time – an option which is both more cost effective and even quicker “The upgrade will secure the future of your current aircraft for the next 10-15 years – whilst also adding to its residual “Blue Book” value” noting that current operators will need to upgrade even if they plan to replace their current aircraft and sell them on the open market. “With this upgrade, operators will enjoy features comparable to the newest business jets.”

Operators are encouraged to make arrangements for the DU875 Upgrade and enjoy trade in offering on their existing display. The installation can be performed by Jet Aviation’s state-of-the-art facility in Basel.

Are you one of the many operators still peering at old CRT displays? If so let us know so that we can help.

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