Flight Management System Troubleshooting Information and BITE Analysis Guide

Honeywell supports your operational reliability by troubleshooting your flight management system and supporting BITE analysis. To facilitate the Airplane Information Management System FMS investigation, we need the following information from you:

  • Aircraft Tail Number or registration & Platform Type
  • Date and time of event
  • Provide which AIMS hardware and software of the aircraft
  • Quick Access Recorder (QAR) – For any guidance, navigation or performance issues, QAR data required. Any data provided by an airline must go through Boeing® for decoding.
  • Flight Data Recorder (FDR) – When QAR does not contain sufficient data, FDR is required. FDR should contain all parameters, but typically more difficult to gather FDR data due to the extra effort.
  • BITE – For any problem that involves a reset or loss of data, FM BITE required. BITE data provides the build ID of the FM software. See the files below to support the download.
  • Large Button Push Queue (LBPQ) – This is specific to the 777 in versions V16 and later. LBPQ contains detailed crew actions performed in the flight deck. LBPQ must be downloaded within several days or it will be overwritten. LBPQ is very valuable to an investigation and saves considerable time.
  • Pilot Report (PIREP) – A pilot report is always required. If a case comes in with a very thin description, we should request a better explanation before we start work. In general this is not a problem, and we have enough of a description to work the problem.
  • Flight Plan (FPLAN) – For a case that involves a flight planning problem, or an uncommanded turn, the flight plan is required. For cases that involve a problem on a SID STAR or Approach, the identifier of the procedure is required.
  • Audit – An audit is a log of the datalink traffic between ground and aircraft. If the problem is datalink related, an audit is typically requested. If the airline supplier is SITA, then Boeing can request an audit. If the supplier is Rockwell/ARINC then the Airline must request the data.
  • Navigational Data Base (NDB) – NDB is not required. An incident date is required, and the correct NDB cycle can be requested from Honeywell aviation services.

For a BITE analysis, we also require that you load your appropriate platform-related file onto a floppy drive and insert into the data loader. The FMS will recognize this floppy file and will save the BITE onto the floppy drive. Choose the appropriate file for your platform:

  • Airbus®files (.zip file contains 3 optional files: A319 A320 A321 LEG, A320 A340 PEG STEP1A, A330 A340 LEG)
  • Boeing® files (.zip file contains 2 optional files: B747, B757/767)

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For support, please contact:

  • US/Canada: 1-(855) 808-6500
  • International: 1-(602) 365-6500
  • International Direct Dial: Click Here for In-Country Numbers (1-Avionics; 2-Mechanical)
  • By Email: AeroTechSupport@honeywell.com

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