Skyforce Offers Flexible Mission Mapping – and More

From helping an Air Evacuation pilot navigate his way to a busy urban hospital, to enabling a police officer to lock her search light on an accident scene, to tracking elephants for conservationists or dropping maritime pilots on ships, Honeywell’s complete line of mapping hardware and software has the capability and flexibility you need to get the job done.

The Honeywell Skyforce line provides a range of capabilities that enhance safety, improve efficiency and reduce flight crew workload with mapping, targeting, sensor management, and data storage and reporting capabilities.

The Skyforce Observer multi-workstation system is ideal for airborne law enforcement, search and rescue, surveillance and border patrol. The Skyforce Sentinel solution is designed to meet the specific needs of emergency medical, executive and utility helicopter owners and operators. Skyforce Pathfinder is a software solution developed for the Skyforce Observer and Sentinel, which also runs on other multifunction and smart displays – even tablets.

Regardless of the product you choose, Skyforce provides intuitive interfaces, made better by the Honeywell User Experience (HUE) toolkit, which is designed to make our products easier to use. Skyforce products improve efficiency and reduce costs through more effective targeting and better user interfaces.

Honeywell recently released a new version (4.22) of the software with several enhancements. Included is the ability to automatically lock a helicopter’s searchlight on a fixed target, which reduces pilot workload and improves safety. The software also supports touch-screen displays, whether they’re in the cockpit or on a smart device. In addition based on a customer requests we have updated the search engine which now allows very rapid searching of multiple custom databases and a screen-capture feature, this allows any phase of a mission to be captured for post flight review.

It’s all part of Honeywell’s continuing effort to uncover customer needs and continuously improve the Skyforce offering. For example, we’re now working on a Mandarin version of the software as well as developing video blending to support augmented reality capabilities.


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