Remote Connections Ease Problem-Solving for Operators

Remote Connections Ease Problem-Solving for Operators

Honeywell has made it a whole lot easier for operators to get fast, secure help solving technical issues with the Honeywell equipment on their business aircraft. The Aerospace Remote Connect (ARC) connectivity solution gives you direct access to one of our experienced technical support engineers who can create an encrypted network link to the Honeywell equipment on your plane.

The ARC tool gives our engineers the ability to securely see and control the onsite computer connected to your aircraft’s avionics, satellite communications, cabin management and other electronic systems. With this access, the Honeywell team can get to the root of your problem, quickly and efficiently, and ensure that your onboard equipment is safe and reliable. Problems are often resolved remotely during the online session.

The ARC is compatible with all major operating systems and all data passing between the host and guest computers is fully encrypted and protected from unauthorized access using a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm, similar to that used by many banking and government institutions. This includes all screen data, file transfers, keystrokes and chat messages. In addition, you need to grant permission for the remote session before a Honeywell engineer can see information on your computer and you can watch them working, initiate chat sessions or end the session at any time.

We’ve used this proven tool to help more than 1,000 operators so far.

To begin a session, contact Honeywell Aerospace Technical Support at or phone us at 855-808-6500 or 602-365-6500. Explain your problem to a member of our team who will provide you with an Invitation Code you can enter at to make the connection.