Flightstar Delivers All-in-one Upgrade for ADS-B, Service and more for Learjet Operators

If you’re planning to take your Learjet 40 or 45 out for a spin on New Year’s Eve 2019, make sure you’re ADS-B Out-compliant, because it may be difficult to find an authorized service center ready to do the work when the FAA’s deadline comes due the next day.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast is said to be key to transforming air traffic control and bringing both safety and significant cost efficiencies to operators and travelers in every segment of the aviation spectrum. As the name implies, ADS-B allows the aircraft to continually broadcast its position—aircraft identification, current position, altitude and velocity—without benefit of ground-based systems.

But if the deadline is still two years away, what’s the incentive for getting the work done now?

“Service center capacity as we approach the FAA deadline will certainly play a role in getting your aircraft updated on your preferred timeline,” said Greg Vail, Avionics Sales Manager at Flightstar, an authorized Honeywell channel partner and Bombardier®Authorized Service Facility (ASF) that acquired their ADS-B supplemental type certificate (STC #ST04064CH) earlier this year.

“The question really becomes, not whether to equip to the latest standards but when do you want to start reaping the benefits that other business jet operators are already enjoying in the form of more direct routings, more efficient route changes, fuel savings and added payload?” Recognizing that some operators are still biding their time, Flightstar recently announced that they are sweetening the pot with a limited-time, three-part incentive.

Learjet 40/45 operators who purchase a Flightstar ADS-B STC in the next year will be eligible for both a TFE731 BR engine upgrade incentive and a special Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP) offer.

Bombardier's BR modification service bulletins (40-72-01 and 45-72-1)—an upgrade of the Honeywell TFE731-20 AR—supercharges Learjet performance, allowing aircraft to fly into higher-altitude airports, take off in higher temperatures, climb to cruising altitude nearly 40 percent faster and faster high-speed cruise at any given altitude.

HAPP is an extended maintenance program that offers full coverage for all Honeywell avionics at more than 600 authorized sales and service centers worldwide, thus avoiding unplanned maintenance costs, downtime and stress with no-charge loaners and 24/7 AOG emergency service.

For more information on Flightstar’s upgrade program, please visit Flightstar’s booth at NBAA (booth #2207) or fill out the form below to speak to someone.

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