Creating a Better Wi-Fi Experience for Business Jet Passengers

Once upon a time, buckling into a business jet cabin meant opting out of the connected world. But no more. Technology advancements have made reliable, high-speed inflight Wi-Fi a reality. Business jet operators can now give their passengers connectivity that is very similar to the experience they enjoy on the ground – and without breaking the bank.

At Honeywell, we spend a lot of time thinking about the connected aircraft and how to make the Wi-Fi experience better for everyone involved – passengers, flight crews, operators and maintenance teams. We’re determined to change the way that people communicate on business aircraft and have introduced a comprehensive suite of cabin connectivity solutions, tools and applications that help business jet operators give their passengers the Wi-Fi experience they want and deserve.

It all starts with Jet ConneX, which uses the Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) Ka-band network to deliver bandwidth and throughput to meet cabin passengers’ business and entertainment needs. Jet ConneX uses Inmarsat’s I-5 satellite communications network to provide unequalled global coverage and network availability.

With Jet ConneX, passengers can videoconference, transfer large files, surf the net, stream videos and do anything else they can do on the ground – all at 40,000 feet. As part of the Honeywell end-to-end GoDirect solution portfolio, we provide subscription-based airtime packages designed to match your mission, help you manage costs and keep passengers happy.

The GoDirect portfolio also includes innovative solutions to help operators improve the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the Wi-Fi services they offer their customers.

These include GoDirect Access, which gives aircraft owners and operators an easy-to-use tool to manage inflight Wi-Fi access and control data costs while still letting passengers connect to the internet. When the service is engaged by the flight crew, passengers can access the internet through a custom portal, similar to those used by public internet providers like hotels, restaurants and airports. Passengers can choose the plan with the amount of data that best meets their needs and pay with a credit card.

GoDirect Filter is a network consulting service and software that reduces inflight data use and improves transmission speed by controlling the type of content sent and received during flight. GoDirect Filter lets you determine how inflight data is being used and blocks unnecessary online activity like routine device software updates. The service helps flight departments improve the passenger Wi-Fi experience, reduce costs and increase network speed.

GoDirect Routing Software is an innovative software solution that improves the performance and cost efficiency of satellite communications for business aircraft passengers. Satellite communications connections move seamlessly between available channels to provide the level of service that best meets passengers’ needs. Meanwhile, passengers can use their personal devices to control lights, temperature or bring up a moving map display.

GoDirect Satcom Toolkit application lets maintenance techs easily download, view and email troubleshooting and configuration data regarding the Honeywell satellite communications and router hardware on their aircraft. The toolkit app enables techs to easily and wirelessly download, view and email data using their iPad or iPhone and a convenient cable kit from Honeywell.

The GoDirect Satcom Network app makes it fast and easy for passengers, pilots or flight attendants to check the onboard Wi-Fi network status and find ways to restore connectivity when it goes down. Residing on an iPad or iPhone, the GoDirect Network app can be used to confirm that the satellite communications system has end-to-end connectivity and troubleshoot any problems that it uncovers.

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