LCD Upgrade Gives New Life to Learjet Cockpits

Operators can breathe new life into their Learjet 40-series cockpits by replacing aging cathode ray tube displays (CRT) with Honeywell’s proven DU-875 flat panels.

Honeywell authorized modification center JetCity Engineering recently received a supplemental type certificate (STC) for a drop-in display replacement for the DU-870 CRT displays that were original equipment on the Primus 1000 integrated avionics system for Learjet 40-series business jets. Work under the STC can be performed at the JetCity Engineering facility in Australia or at other approved dealers in Honeywell’s extensive worldwide network.

The DU-875 upgrade is the most capable and user-friendly retrofit option available today. It features powerful graphics, advanced functionality and the improved clarity inherent in LCD technology.

With the basic upgrade form fit and function option, Primus 1000 core systems are retained, reducing the downtime required for the retrofit to be completed. The new displays retain the existing display format, so pilots don’t have to be retrained on them.

The upgrade delivers significant value to operators because it is a low-risk solution offering improved reliability, weight savings and a growth path that takes advantage of future technologies and applications, usually only available to new aircraft.

JetCity is also working on an enhanced upgrade that will include the ability to overlay Jeppesen navigation data, XM weather information, enhanced maps and other flight-critical information on the Learjet 40 series platform. JetCity is currently flying the form fit and function screen replacement on two of its own aircraft, one in a four screen configuration and the second in a two screen configuration with excellent feedback from pilots. JetCity is currently carrying out STC validation testing of the enhanced functionality installation and is expecting to receive regulatory approval for the enhanced features in early 2017.

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