Prepare Now for Air Ambulance Mandates

Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) operators need to update now in preparation for April 23, 2018. That’s the date new FAA HAA mandates take effect, subjecting operators to a number of new requirements. Operators now have less than two years to equip their aircraft with flight data monitoring (FDM) equipment, helicopter terrain and warning system (HTAWS) technology and radar altimeters.

Whether you operate one air ambulance or manage a multi-aircraft fleet, navigating the new rules can be challenging. Fortunately, Honeywell is here to help. We have more experience developing, integrating and applying safety technologies than anyone else. We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of products and services that align with the new mandates.

In fact, we’re already working with some of the largest air ambulance operators to make sure they’re ready to comply with the new mandates.

If you have a compliance plan in place we can help you implement it. If you’re still trying to figure out how the new requirements affect you we can help you develop and implement a plan that minimizes cost and down time while improving the safety and operational efficiency of your fleet.

The FAA regulations will require operators to capture data according to a broadly defined set of parameters including information pertaining to the aircraft’s state (such as heading, altitude and attitude), condition (such as rotors, transmission, engine parameters and flight controls), and system performance (such as full authority digital engine control and electronic flight instrumentation system).

Honeywell has FDM solutions for every operator. Our industry-leading Sky Connect Tracker III is the heart of the helicopter operator´s mission management system. The Tracker III can collect data from on-board systems through various interfaces to record and communicate aircraft performance and potential maintenance needs. User-configurable alerts can be generated based on threshold exceedance. Alert messages are communicated to the ground operations center via satellite.

The system improves operations, speeds maintenance and reduces costs. Tracker III records high-resolution position reports to assure highest reimbursement for distances flown.

The system gives operators the ability to capture 64 different data parameters covering just about every aspect of flight and download them quickly and conveniently. With the Tracker III flight data recording system, operators can keep an eye on a broad range of parameters including airspeed, altitude, oil pressure, torque, fuel flow, and more, depending on the aircraft. Real-time aircraft health status and maintenance alerts from the aircraft’s Heath and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) can be transmitted using the Sky Connect network.

Our HTAWS and radar altimeter product lines offer the best available levels of performance, functionality and reliability.

We invented the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) and have delivered more than 2,000 helicopter EGPWS units so far. We have developed two helicopter-specific EGPWS offerings, designed to meet the needs of HAA operators of any size aircraft: the MK XXI EGPWS is ideal for VFR-equipped lighter helicopters without radio altimeters and our MK XXII EGPWS offers highly advanced safety functions for larger IFR-equipped helicopters with radio altimeters.

The Honeywell KRA-405B Altimeter offers expanded scale for helicopter operation and provides analog and ARINC 429 outputs to interface with GPWS, collision avoidance and other aircraft systems. Meanwhile our BendixKing TRA-45 EGPWS/Radar Altimeter Indicator is ideal for displaying radar altitude and EGPWS information in a vivid color display that is easily viewed, even in bright daylight.

Honeywell’s comprehensive support network, spanning the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific, delivers fully integrated service solutions and 24/7/365 support to meet the needs of fleet operators of all aircraft types. We have a 24/7 operations center with licensed FAA dispatchers conducting flight following and we’re increasing support teams to accommodate the requirements of the HAA mandate. As the clock ticks down toward the compliance deadline, Honeywell stands ready to help you prepare for mandates while also improving the safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your operations.

The HAA Mandate Solution:


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