Join Honeywell at 2016 Sea-Air-Space Expo

Key Navy and Marine Corps decision makers and companies that support them come together May 16-18 for the Navy League’s premier annual event, the Sea-Air-Space Exposition. The Navy League SAS Expo is the largest maritime exhibition held in the U.S.

Honeywell plans an active presence at this year’s exposition, providing a great opportunity for thought leaders from across the industry to catch up on our leading-edge technologies that help America’s warfighters achieve their most critical missions.

If you’re attending this year’s event, make sure to visit us at Booth #1725 on the exhibition floor.

It would be hard to name another company that engages with the Navy and Marine Corps on as many levels as Honeywell.

For example, we’re a top supplier of leading-edge technologies for military aircraft, helicopters and weapons. Our industry-leading avionics systems improve safety and efficiency of Navy and Marine Corps jet aircraft and helicopters. Our propulsion systems and auxiliary power units deliver maximum power when it’s needed most. And our highly precise navigation products enable weapons to strike their targets and minimize collateral damage.

A number of Honeywell systems will fly on the Navy version of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, including the power and thermal management system, wheels and brakes, and inertial navigation system.

Honeywell also provides Navy and Marine Corps customers with a full complement of highly reliable, technically advanced solutions for maritime applications including ring laser gyro-based navigation products, condition-based maintenance, the latest actuation technologies and mechanical components.

The Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc. business unit provides the military with a wide range of logistical and engineering support – on the land, sea and in space – designed to improve efficiency and mission-effectiveness.

Our Spectra™ fibers and products are used in protective gear for military personnel and vehicles. We provide energy-saving solutions for Navy and Marine Corps bases that generate millions of dollars in savings. And we’re working directly with the services to on initiatives designed to make our systems more intuitive and easier to use.

Learn more about Honeywell’s full line of technologies for the Navy and Marine Corps at SAS or visit us online.

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