It’s time for a new Approach

Augmented Approaches to Land

As part of Europe’s ambitious SESAR initiative, Honeywell has been demonstrating how our SmartPath and Synthetic Vision systems can contribute to improved efficiencies during approach and landing.

Europe’s 11.5 million km2 of airspace is among the busiest in the world. And whilst air transport contributes 110 billion euros to EU GDP and forecasts estimate that the number of flights will reach 14.4 million flights a year with 1.4 billion passengers by 20235, this growth comes at a cost!

Skies are saturated and flight management is complex with 36 different navigation service providers and 63 en-route centres. This fragmentation creates longer flights and more delays and is estimated to increase flight costs by €4 billion a year.

To combat this worsening situation the European Union launched SESAR, the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research, to define, develop and deploy what is needed to increase ATM performance. The initiative, one of the most innovative infrastructure projects ever launched by the European Union, brought together the expertise of the entire air transport community, including aerospace technology companies such as Honeywell, through a public-private partnership known as the SESAR Joint Undertaking.

“SESAR is the technology component of the single European Sky, bringing together modern technology to make flying more efficient”, explains Sander Roosendaal, Department Leader, System Engineering & Applications at Honeywell Aerospace.

Part of the SESAR framework, the Augmented Approaches to Land (AAL) project has brought together a consortium of 15 aerospace technology companies to demonstrate the validity of new advanced procedures for approach and landing. Honeywell is managing three of the four projects within the AAL program, with the Honeywell SmartPath Ground-based Augmentation System, GBAS, and the Honeywell SmartView synthetic vision landing aids being seen as ‘game-changers’ in advanced approach management and precision landings.

Jolana Dvorska, Honeywell’s Technical Manager for Precision Guidance and Flight Ops explains the importance of the Augmented Approaches to Land project, “the AAL project demonstrates the benefits of adopting new technologies, these technologies will enable us to save fuel, reduce CO2 emissions and also lower noise pollution in the highly populated areas around airports.”

In these short videos we take a closer look at the AAL initiative, and two of the Honeywell solutions at the cutting edge of the advanced approach and precision landings initiative - SmartPath/GBAS and SmartView synthetic vision.

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