Honeywell Video Series Offers Info, Insight on Vast Satellite Communications Portfolio

Honeywell produced a series of three Helicopter SATCOM 101 videos designed to provide insight and information about the dynamic world of airborne communications for helicopters.

Connectivity plays a huge role in all of our lives, and the helicopter environment is no exception. However, the helicopter environment comes with its own unique characteristics, based on the aircraft model, its mission and where it operates. The Honeywell three-part video series, which was launched in conjunction of HELI-EXPO earlier this year, aims to provide information for stakeholders who have questions about putting a satellite communications system on a helicopter.

“The industry has grown accustomed to having high data rate connectivity in fixed wing. Now we're seeing cars being connected, for the first time ever the helicopter industry is going to have that high data rate connectivity utilizing our new technologies,” said Rick Angelo, director of strategic marketing, global commercial helicopters, at Honeywell Aerospace.

Topics covered in the videos include market overview, considerations/questions to consider before selecting a SATCOM system, and the role Honeywell plays in this market.

Honeywell has a vast portfolio of connectivity products for rotorcraft. From the Aspire 200 that brings high-speed data services to the aircraft, to the Sky Connect Tracker that enables real-time asset tracking for operators and paired with Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) can provide diagnostic information for critical components, Honeywell products cover the needs of the operator from nose to tail.

The videos, and other information sources about Honeywell’s industry-leading position in the helicopter satellite communications market, can be found here.

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