Honeywell Offers ‘Soup-to-Nuts’ Connected Helicopter Solution

The age of the connected helicopter has arrived and nobody knows more than Honeywell Aerospace about what it takes to get critical cabin voice and data transmissions on and off your aircraft.

Honeywell truly understands the unique communications challenges that helicopters present and offers a complete solution that includes satellite communications hardware and network services – and everything in between.

It all starts with the industry’s most complete line of hardware, including the Aspire® 200 Satellite Communications System, which provides the fastest communications available on the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB) L-band global satellite network. The Aspire 200 system for helicopters is lightweight, scalable and has been especially designed, hardened and tested to withstand the rigors of helicopter operations.

With a High Data Rate (HDR) software upgrade, the Aspire 200 terminal will yield performance that is as much as 100 times faster than previous terminals, creating true office-in-the-sky capabilities. The upgrade also includes specialized interleaver waveform to compensate for rotor blockage and enable uninterrupted, seamless high-speed broadband connectivity anywhere you fly.

The system is now available on the Finmeccanica AW139 and Honeywell is committed to making all the capabilities of the Aspire 200 system available to operators of other helicopter types. In fact, we’re investing significantly to secure supplemental type certificates that will enable the system to be installed on at least 10 different helicopter platforms and plan to make installation services available through various Honeywell Aerospace channel partners.

We know that it takes more than great hardware to create a great satellite communications capability. It also takes a great network and service provider that understands the needs of the helicopter operator community.

To strengthen its integrated solution, Honeywell recently acquired Satcom1, a satellite communication solutions provider for Inmarsat, Iridium and ViaSat networks. Satcom1 provides a complete airtime solution for cabin and cockpit, software and consultancy. The combination of Satcom1 software with Honeywell hardware delivers a better connected-helicopter experience to Honeywell customers.

AvioIP cabin software is a great example of Satcom1 capabilities. The software provides the critical link between the aeronautical local area network and wide area network on the aircraft. It offers stability, reliability and features that include enhanced internet access, email, video conferencing, Smartphone usage over VoIP and much more.

Honeywell’s comprehensive support network, spanning the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific, delivers fully integrated service solutions and 24/7/365 support to meet the needs of the aerospace industry. Regardless of your mission, fleet makeup or size, Honeywell has a connected helicopter solution that fits your needs, improves safety and operating efficiency, and minimizes cost. 

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